Tuesday, March 29, 2011

etsy shop

we just opened etsy shop with a couple of products!  come & check it out!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

La Brea Tar Pits

last sunday we went to La brea Tar Pits 
and aiden got to see his faborite animal, Sabor-toothed Tiger!!
again, he didn't wanna come back home!!

watching some starved looking saber-toothed cats

we got him a discovery kit & he worked on it very hard as a paleontologist

and got all the bones, washed and assembled them with john!
now it's one of his precious treaures!  sabor-toothed tiger skeleton!! 

and of course when it rains crazy like today, 
we stay home and aiden gets to play (or abuse?) with buie...

big bear trip

we finally made it to big bear!! both aiden and buie were so excited.
it was their first time seeing snow ever!  
aiden had a blast running around and having a first snowball fight.
buie agreed to do her business in snow after a day thou...   

aiden had so much fun inner tubing.
he didn't wanna stop riding it so everybody ended up 
staying there for 4 hrs!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

popup shop at fugufugu press 2010

shino and i tried opening a pop-up store at fugufugu press last winter.  
it was not as busy as we thought it would've been 
but we had many people coming in and checking out our stuff!  
it was fun hanging out with shino as well.  
thanks shino!!

fugufugu studio front is very pretty
and that's why many people wanna stop by and see what's inside.

christmas 2010

she didn't move an inch until she got her presents...

there was a wet spot from her drooling....

renegade holiday 2010

it's a bit late but thank you all for stopping by and kind words!

normal days

i meant to update the blog as often as possible, but being lazy is my expertie.....
when i don't sit down with my sketchbook to design, 
i usually spend time with my 4 yrs old beautiful boy and 5 yrs old giant st. bernard.
actually that's what i do mostly.

making stuff with play doh
sometimes i try to be creative
watching the boys being silly
working hard in the backyard
and working more